What to Expect on a MCDST Certification Exam?

When someone is to take any certification exam it is pretty sure that he looks forward to knowing what shall be at stake during the examination. 

There are so many means and ways that one can apparently use in order to know what to expect on the day of the examination itself.  Below are just some of them:

a. There are previous materials that you can refer to should you want to outline what sort of things will be included on the examination paper. 
b. You can opt to ask previous examiners about what sort of things have appeared on the day of their examination.
c. For some people, they enroll in a class whose lecturers are previous examiners of Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. 
d. There are some who have enough financial who hire a private tutor in order to have a more personalized level of learning and obtaining adequate knowledge.

These kinds of resources are found to be effective.  However, in general, any one who wish to know on what to expect during the MCDST certification examination could just refer to some old matrix.  The old matrix most likely will cover the following areas:

1. There is big percentage in the examination that talks about skills in installation process.  The examinee must be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge on how to properly install and uninstall an operating system, an application software, and even anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.
2. A big bulk of the examination also comes from properly configuring your desktop to be network ready.  The examinee must be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge about networking devices and peripherals. 

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