What to Expect on PMP Exam Questions

Project Management Professional is one of the most sought after certifications in the
business industry. This provides professionals great opportunities in advancing their
knowledge and skills in project management. Getting PMP practice test and study guides
are also important to pass the certification test. This will help professionals and students
in preparing for the actual PMP test. Aside from that, this will enhance their skills that are
needed in their actual job environment.

There are certain requirements before candidates can qualify. To acquire the Project
Management Professional certification, professionals must be able to pass the required
examination in project management. The questions in this test have psychometrically
examined. This also has a project management reference and it is approved to comply
with the requirements of the project management job. The examination has 200 multiple-
choice questions.

The pretest questions consist of 25 items. The test questions consists of 27% executing,
11% initiating, 23% planning, 21% monitoring and controlling, 9% closing, 9% social
responsibility and professional. The PMP exam questions must be finished in 4 hours.
Some of the requirements include an identification that is issued by the government. If
the candidate wishes to take the computer based exam, they can have a copy of the score
right after the exam.

To successfully answer all the PMP exam questions, it is essential to get a hold of PMP
practice exam and study guides. This will aid the candidates to effectively prepare for the
comprehensive examination. Just download the study guide programs online and practice
it regularly to qualify for the PMP certification.

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