What Web 2.0 Is About?

 During the early stage of internet technology, the internet was used only to get information.  Users or readers browse the internet for information.  In 2004, the word web 2.0 was coined by O’Reilly Media Inc..  It is described as a web platform where it allows readers or viewers to get things done.  It is a remix of older technologies into new applications.  It had a concept that instead of seeing the web as a place where browsers viewed information through small windows on the reader’s screen, web 2.0 allows websites to be interactive in nature.

Web 2.0 is centered on collaboration and communication.  It is made up of four basic application of technology. 

1. Social Networking- it is a network where people and organization of similar interests communicate.   The most popular social networking websites are MySpace and Facebook widely used in North America; Bebo, MySpace, Facebook and Hi5 in parts of Europe; Orkut and Hi5 in South America and Central America; and Friendster, Orkut, and Cyworld in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
2. Wikis – A website allows anyone who visits it to edit its pages.  The wiki is designed to be the ultimate form of peer review.  Wiki’s are a product of everyone’s knowledge who participates in the peer review and for which the website is considered highly accurate.
3. Folksonomies- is also known as tagging. It is where any content on the internet can be tagged with descriptors of that content.  It uses freely chosen keywords instead of controlled keywords.
4. Blogging – a website originally used as textual web diaries, but is now used as an online technology community website.  It is considered as a valuable tool for commentary purposes, proposals for new ideas, editorials, announcements and many other uses.

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