What Web Analytics Conference Offers?

With the investments that companies placed on online marketing to meet their ultimate goal of getting higher conversion rates, the demand for web analytics continues to grow.  To answer the demands, there are several web analytics companies that provide such service.

Web Analytics is the act of measuring the measure activities of people accessing your website (visitors)–how they found you, when they visited, what pages they looked at, what they bought or downloaded, and so on–and mining that data for information that can be used to improve said website. Customer intelligence is what web analytics is all about.  Performing web analytics would enable companies to see the realistic value of their investments when visitors of their websites start on buying their product or service.

Types of Web Analytics provided to clients:
1. Customer-focused web analytics.  Web Analytics companies counts and measures rates delivered through web statistics.  They also provide business intelligence techniques such as query and reporting or online analytical processing (OLAP) produce historical perspectives on customer acquisition cost, cost per conversion, customer churn rate and retention.
2. Predictive web analytics.  Web Analytics companies tries to combine web analytics with predictive analytics, such as data mining and text mining, thus providing both historical and predictive insights. Examples of intelligence predictive web analytics delivers include: Detecting the path which lead to online sales or a particular business goal; predicting the probability of a visitor to respond, buy, or churn; understanding content and product affinities; and automatically discovering visitor segments.

There is a directory of web analytics companies and firms available over the Internet.  Most the web analytics companies specialize in delivering web analytic services, or the measurement of traffic to your website.

Tools on web analytics are constantly changing.  Companies need to update to keep abreast with these changes.  They should learn to optimize the value of Internet marketing by becoming more relevant and valuable to their organization.  Being able to understand the power of today’s tools and techniques.

Being one step ahead among others is good, but sometimes it is risky.  For companies who do not want to take the risk, learn their lessons from companies who are pioneers in the industry.  In web analytics, companies profit more by understanding lessons learn from the shoulders of the giants that came before them.  Attendance to web analytics conference allows you to learn web analytics from experts and peers.  Questions that you have long wanted to ask are answered during the conference.

Web analytics conference is normally a two-day event.  Some web analytics conference providers combine hotel and conference facilities to allow plenty of time networking and talking measurement among participants. Experts in web analytics facilitate the conference.  Some of the topics usually covered in most web analytics conference are Website Optimization, Search Analytics Campaign Optimization, Web 2.0 Optimization, Public Sector Metrics, Behavioral Targeting, Competitive Analysis, Customer Experience, Statistical Analysis, Business Implementation, Multi-Channel Marketing Metrics and many more.

Because there is a growing demand for web analytics conference and many participants are expected to attend, conference organizers make sure that topics selected are broad, understandable and of general interest.

Web Analytics Conference allows you to air your own web analytics problem opinions and experiences.  Voice your issues relating to web analytics and get counted.

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