What Will The Director Call Center Operations Applicant Be Responsible for When Hired?

When you talk about the position of Director Call Center Operations, the scope of responsibilities of the applicant for such a position will be very vast. This is because the Director will not be responsible simply for one call center but rather for different call centers under the same umbrella organization.

The applicant for Director Call Center Operations must have the technological background so that he can understand how the call center IT systems work. At the same time, he must be able to grasp customer service applications in the call center environment very well so that he knows how to structure customer service appropriately so that all customer service representatives will be able to follow his instructions and do their jobs well.

So we see that the Director must be able to merge these two functions  technology and human customer service  into the call center customer care services.

Before one can be considered for this position, you need to have around 5 years of experience at the management level for multiple call center sites (at the very least.) You should also possess skills and experience in project management and implementation of call center technologies too.

As far as educational attainment is concerned, you should have been able to complete at least a bachelor’s degree in certain fields like communications or business management. Those who possess a Master’s degree or an MBA would have the advantage over candidates with inferior qualifications. You may also need call center certification too, depending on who will be hiring you.

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