What WiMax CPE Is For?

WiMax comes in two flavors, the fixed WiMax and Mobile WiMax.  Fixed WiMax have networks that have higher gain of directional antenna installed near the client resulting to increase range and throughput.  As for Mobile WiMax networks are indoor made known as “customer premises equipment” (CPE).  Examples of CPE are desktop modems, laptops with integrated Mobile WiMAX or other Mobile WiMAX devices.

A WiMax CPE is a terminal that is associated to an equipment at a subscriber’s premises and is connecrted with a carrier’s telecommunication channel(s) at the demarcation point ("demarc").   The demarc point is a point established in a building or complex to separate customer equipment from telephone company equipment.  Cellular carrier that provide cellular phones to customer for purchase without subsidy or from third party is known as Customer Provided Equipment.

Having the right WiMax CPE allows consumer and enterprise users to connect in the world wireless easily and seamlessly without problems or time wasting installation hassles.  It allows the delivery of reliable high-speed data access to rich media applications such as music, video and gaming.

WiMax CPE allows subscriber connect to  their computer or handset immediately and experience the rich services of the internet.  A WiMax CPE is a device that can be used and connected in the home or office computing, and receive instant, reliable, connection.

Select the WiMax CPE that meet your needs amd achieve the highest return on your infrastructure investment.  Let the WiMax CPE translate and access information ten  times over what other service networks provides.

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