Whatis The Passing Score For Microsoft MCP Exam?

A Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP exam is a tool to test and evaluate a candidates skills and knowledge of Microsoft systems and technologies.  It basically measures the individuals ability to perform tasks in real job situations.  So whats a passing score for Microsoft MCP exam?  It depends on the type of exam a particular candidate has been assigned to take.  Microsoft does not announce the type of exam to be delivered at the time of registration but it involves the following:

1.  Select-and-place exam which is a graphically presented scenario of finding solutions to a problem. 2.  Case study-based exam which basically presents a problem based on actual situations. Candidates are then required to apply the best solutions. 3.  Simulations present scenario problems complete with error messages and boxes. Candidates must then find a solution to the problems being presented. 4.  Computer adaptive learning will test the individuals ability to solve simple problems first.  As the examinee progresses, harder questions/problems will be presented.  But the twist is that the candidate can not go back to unanswered questions.

The question on whats a passing score for Microsoft MCP exam basically is answered by the modified score report which gives an objective feedback on where the candidate passed and where he needs improvement.  It is presented in both numeric data and a bar graph.  Microsoft is still developing a universal passing score for Microsoft MCP that would and can be applied across all certification exams.  The modified scale requires a candidate to pass a minimum  score of 700 on all the exams presented.  There is still no definite maximum score because it varies according to the complexity and type of the exam taken.

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