What’s in a Curriculum? Dissecting the CCNP to Your Advantage

One trick to understanding as well as acing the Cisco Certified Network Professionals test and be certified in this field is to understand the entire curriculum of the Cisco Certified Network Professionals. To start of, the hours of instruction in Cisco Certified Network Professionals will usually be around seventy hours per block   and this is just the online portion of the entire curriculum (there are four blocks in Cisco Certified Network Professionals). Aside from this, there are additional out of class time for lab work which runs for fourteen hour. The entire curriculum is taught for over two years.

The Cisco Certified Network Professionals curriculum is provided to the students via the Web server which is located at each kind of Cisco Academy (there are different kinds all over the country). The students access the curriculum from their own workstations as it courses through the LAN of the classroom. They may also be able to view the entire curriculum outside classroom hours via online accessing. The students should take note of the fact that the curriculum is copyrighted material, and should only be used by students who are enrolled in the networking classes as well as the personnel that is part of the entire institution.

The Cisco Certified Network Professionals curriculum also uses different types of equipment. The usual equipment for Cisco Certified Network Professionals training include the different routers, software, switches, cables as well as product support for the first year of use. These are all set up and used by the students with the help of the professional instructors of the academy.

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