When are Management Training Seminars Advisable to Conduct?

Management Training Seminars are a very common form of training format used by corporations  but are these truly effective? Are seminars more effective than, say, training videos?

To answer that, it must be stressed that Management Training Seminars are a form of communication  specifically, large and small group communication (depending on the size of the population of participants per seminar.) The problem with group communication is that not all members of the audience may be paying attention with the same enthusiasm and devotion as the others. Some may even be daydreaming  so the value of the Management Training Seminar is lost on such people and the investment is wasted.

Training videos used by individuals may actually be more effective because the individual gets to play back parts of the video training that he feels need clarification or reinforcement. A Management Training Seminar cannot be played back, meaning there are no second takes  everything happens spontaneously and the impact is immediately felt. With a training video, you can absorb more because you can always go back over the resource material over and over again until the concept sticks.

Management Training Seminars are good for situations when one-on-one interpersonal training seems difficult to achieve in a cost-effective manner. So from the point of view of practicality, Management Training Seminars may actually be more preferred by corporate leaders because they incur less expenses. If the participants or members of the audience are alert enough and can associate what they are listening to, to their occupational situations, then the seminar is a success. But since people learn at different rates, a one-size-fits-all approach like the seminar seems to be less effective than training videos.

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