When Disaster Strikes – Disaster Recovery Defined

There is a saying that nothing is perfect in this world. This statement is true as it applies to everything that your eyes can see: physical beauty fades; flowers bloom but wither at some point in time; and leaves have to drop from trees so that new ones will grow again. This is a reality that happens with the surroundings, though there has been some techniques and procedures developed to retain, if not prolong, the beauty of nature. This also applies to people’s day to day living, especially now that almost everything is high-tech and computer-operated.

With the growing reliance on Information Technology, the need to protect company information is crucial to the business. The possibility of any occurrence of human-induced errors or natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons and thunderstorms, has paved the way for the development and production of policies and procedures to retain important data and regain access to records and devices that are critical to business operations. This process is called disaster recovery.

But then again, the process of recovering valuable data and information is not that easy. There should be a disaster recovery plan in place that should be thoroughly tested to have it ready when such emergency situations occur. In addition, a designated committee, headed by a chairperson that is focused on this area alone should be formed as it is one of the important key aspects of the business.

Indeed, what the brilliant scientist mentioned is a fact… that for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction. Disasters are just few of the many consequences of change in the environment and a well-established recovery plan can pacify any threat that may come along the way.


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