When Is Integrated Network Management Appropriate to be Used within Organizations?

First of all, what is Integrated Network Management exactly? It is basically a Network Management
approach wherein the new system is to be integrated into the old pre-established system. Whereas before
Network Management used to be composed of one vast block of code to be set in place, nowadays, it is
possible to integrate the new Network Management solution into the older one at certain specified points

The point of this new approach of using specific points of integration is so that the performance of the
specific applications and the network itself can be scrutinized more closely and more realistically. And to
find out what the performance figures are, the Network Management personnel can rely on both Intranets,
and also the Internet. Inasmuch as there are a variety of new types of Integrated Network Management
solutions around, the Chief Information Officer (or CIO) ought to find out what solution provides the top
enterprise value for his organization.

At the same time, the CIO must not disregard out of hand the more massive Network Management
solutions being offered out there. Actually, it might even be possible to use both the large and the
point-of-integration software solutions when necessary.

If the CIO feels that neither large nor point-of-integration software solutions seem feasible for the needs of
his organization, he might even recommend outsourcing instead. One factor that could play into this
decision is the total cumulative cost that each solution would require as investment from the organization.
Even a very elegant solution would be discarded if it did not bring in financial value to the organization.

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