The heightened interest to provide better IT service to consumers has given birth to a design for linking business and computational resources. This is called Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA.  Although some businesses may not readily adopt the system, the value of SOA will eventually be acknowledged by others. Knowing this, the need for consultants must have been inevitable. To better understand SOA and its applications, SOA consulting was born. 
With the emergence of highly technical services like SOA, consulting has become a lucrative business to venture into. This is also a cue for those seeking consulting service to be very careful in choosing consultants. Be sure that they are experts in the underlying mechanisms that would provide agility to your IT system, which is the core benefit to SOA rather than just a bunch of Web services. The SOA Consulting provider must be trained in handling factors like configuration, agility and changeability to enable the service to provide solutions.
A consultant is like a manual that is always ready to provide the functions and applications you require. The need for consulting is not just limited to getting to know the technology – it should be available for the lifetime of the tool. Consulting has had its golden age when the service provided was not known to many yet. With SOA, there needs to be a pre-defined process in the consulting activities, since planning is necessary before implementation. Over-simplification should not be resorted to in any situation. SOA is not just another Web service, it provides inter-connectability for the benefit of client businesses. It is an evolution of the architecture and business functions.  The need for SOA consulting is necessary so clients can appreciate further the sophistication of the technology.

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