When the world is looking for ITIL why isn’t Australia doing the same thing?

I was thinking about a title for this weeks news letter and stopped to think about the amount of information that is simply copied from other people. It sort of feels that we don’t follow our own path anymore.. we act like herd animals and follow the leader. In this case the "leader" is an employee of a research company.
Why is it that people stop analysing the results when "a researcher" makes a statement?
It always amazes me that very intelligent, rational people simply stop thinking for themself and blindly follow what other people say.
It is happening in the press as we speak. A research company makes a statement about the future of ITIL®  and every media source seems to follow it.. no questions asked.

So.. I decided to do some research for myself. Have a look for yourself and please respond to me with your comments and view points. I would love to hear them.

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