When To Use Sample Papers for SCJP Accreditation Exams

Sample papers may refer to the practice exams, simulation exams, or mock exams that an SCJP Accreditation candidate may be eyeing in order to train for and adequately prepare for the SCJP accreditation exam he needs.

However, an SCJP Accreditation candidate should never attempt to use sample papers unless he has already achieved a measure of proficiency in SCJP accreditation preparation. This means setting aside use of sample papers in favor of reading the Java language training material first, from the most basic level to the most advanced. An SCJP Accreditation candidate who has possession of sample papers may opt to look through the topics covered by the sample questions to get an idea of what his exam preparation schedule should be like.

Another way to use sample papers is for the SCJP Accreditation candidate to look through the exam objectives section by section, then try to figure out how the sample papers have met those objectives through the questions presented in the sample papers.

It is always important to have a methodical way of studying. This means trying to figure out what the daily exam preparation goals are (relating these to the exam objectives), setting aside enough time to cover the topics that will help the examinee meet the exam preparation goals, reviewing daily to see if the exam preparation goals were actually met on a daily basis, setting aside more time to cover the harder topics, then reviewing again to see if the exam preparation is proceeding at the right pace, and is honing the correct type and level of skills.

Sample papers, in the final analysis, are just static pieces of information that cannot do anything. Their value lies in the ability of the reader/examinee to make use of their content to achieve something  in this case, pass the SCJP accreditation exam.


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