Where can I participate in an ITIL Incident Management Course?

ITIL® is an acronym that is used in the information technology industry. It means Information Technology Infrastructure Library. So an ITIL® Incident Management course is supposed to educate information technology students about how they can initiate proper Incident Management strategies when the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is concerned or affected. To simplify it, an ITIL® Incident Management course is concerned with maintaining the ITIL® standard which is the most accepted IT service management framework throughout the world. The ITIL® is at its most basic a library or collection of publications that are supposed to help establish an IT service management system within the client organization or corporation. When that IT service management system has been established, it becomes easier for the client organization to learn how to apply IT service management for their needs.

There are different educational institutions that are devoted to IT service management training. ITIL® Incident Management is only part of the whole IT service management philosophy such educational institutions will train you in. Other components of the IT service management course that you can train in are: the Service Desk function; Change Management; Problem Management; and Configuration Management. One school which advertises its IT service management program is the University of Minnesota of the United States, but you may be able to find others.

When inquiring into the IT service management program of any school, you should ask about the features of the program such as:

–    How was and who developed the curriculum for the IT service management program –    Who will be training you in the IT service management program (especially the ITIL® Incident Management course) –    The accreditation level of the instructors you will be training under –    Whether the training you get from that school can be credited for continuing education units.

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