Where have All the Call Center Jobs gone?

Landing on a good job these days can be pretty tough. Now, where are these jobs gone? Although a lot of businesses and industries are booming, they are also trying to become more efficient internally, efficient in the sense these companies are cutting down on their internal manpower and outsourcing some of their operations to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.  The most common BPO companies today are probably the Call Centers.

Almost all major businesses in the international market arena resort to establishing or if not, hiring Call Centers to cater to their customer’s needs and inquiries. The main function of the Call Centers is to make sure that a customer gets what he wants without leaving him in doubtful state about the matter he is inquiring for. For some industries, Call Centers even generate for them volumes of monthly sales for their products and services. Some these firms that produce sales through Call Centers includes the telecommunication companies, bank and credit card companies, entertainment companies (e.g. Cable Channels providers, Online Music stores, Sports Event promoters, etc.), Online Gambling and Sports Betting  companies, and many others.

Aside from sales and promotions, Call Centers also perform other kinds of customer relation services that include travel assistance services, online education, technical support, financial and banking consultancy, business to business support, etc. Today, major players in the Call Center industry are moving their base and offices to the Asian regions particularly to India and the Philippines. In fact there are more than a hundred different call centers now located in the Philippines alone.


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