Where Should I Look for Free MCP Exam Practice Questions?

Microsoft recognizes that Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam candidates need practice exams in order to adequately prepare for the MCP accreditation exams. But in the deluge of companies online that claim to offer excellent practice exams at the right price, Microsoft has assigned Microsoft Certified Practice Test Providers (or PTPs) specifically to help MCP candidates to get the practice exam questions they urgently require.

These PTPs only give out practice exams that have been sanctioned by Microsoft itself. You know who these accredited PTPs are by the Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider logo they will be advertising.

When you use PTP practice exams, you get exam results that are categorized based on their objective; feedback regarding answers per question coupled with ways to study about that topic; and vast question pools using randomly inserted questions and answers.

An MCP practice exam is invaluable at helping you find out where your study strengths are and what topics are your weak points. You may find you need to hit the books again, or do some hands-on application simulation to get more insights into the topic category.

Actually, each PTP is permitted to offer free demo versions of their MCP exam practice questions. You can try the MeasureUp.com site which is accredited by Microsoft to try out the practice exam. Another Microsoft accredited site that offers practice exams belongs to SelfTestSoftware.com. You can try out both websites to see which one offers the practice exam suite you find most appropriate for you.

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