Where to Find Business Intelligence Review

Company executives who are contemplating the deployment of business intelligence application should take advantage of independent reviews of the program.  A good business intelligence review can be a very useful resource of information and evaluation of different business intelligence products.  It is important though to find reviews that make critical evaluation and unbiased judgment in order to determine which application will best provide the most benefit.

The first source of important business intelligence reviews are online independent technology institutions.  These institutions are populated by independent reviewers and thought leaders that wish to provide accurate information for companies.  These websites provide free reviews on a wide range of products offering business intelligence. 

Other sources of reviews are journals and business university publications.  These independent publications tackle many interests and business product reviews and critiques are one of them.  A company can benefit from the intellectual discussion of these journals which are insightful and very informative.

Companies can also buy books and special edition resources that provide comprehensive listings of business intelligence vendors.  These review books provide not just analysis of the product bust it also publishes the features and specifications of different business intelligence software. 

Technology magazines and online software resources can also be a source of information and review of different business intelligence products.  These magazines or ezines, although edited by distinguished business and software editors, can sometimes include paid reviews.  One should differentiate paid and independent reviews in order to make proper judgment or decision in buying business intelligence applications.

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