Where to Find the Best ECDL Courseware

There are many ECDL courseware vendors on the Internet.  In fact, in a single search for ECDL course, the search engines will present hundreds of results that point to the websites of ECDL courseware vendors. 

So the main question is how to choose quality ECDL courseware.  The answer to this is posted on the websites of the ECDL Foundation and the courseware vendors.  To determine authorized courseware vendors, the website of ECDL Foundation has a dedicated page for its sanctioned courseware providers.  The list can be valuable in choosing the right ECDL vendor. 

On the websites of individual courseware provider, the ECDL logo and the word ‘authorized courseware’ must be at the prominent section of each web page.  This is an assurance that their products are sanctioned officially by the ECDL.

The best courseware must be updated.  This means that the latest version of the syllabus must be in effect.  Currently, the ECDL foundation has released version 5.0 of the syllabus.  The study materials and training tools therefore of individual ECDL vendor must include this upgrade.  For UK residents, the latest ECDL with Unit E is now on its version 4.5.   Version information can guide trainees on where to purchase the best courseware that is updated and current.

Finally, courseware must include practice ECDL papers such as sample tests and questions.  These study materials can complement the ECDL course kit that will be purchased.  Without training exams, candidates will have a difficult time passing the ECDL certification process and exams.

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