Where to find the VMware Any-Any Patch

The most common issues that can be encountered on VMware virtualization installation is the response generated by the host on creating kernel modules.  The host may find it difficult to consolidate the virtual kernel application thus it rejects if from the system.  Another common issue that may be encountered on VMware program installation is the complaint of the virtual machine itself on the state of the physical machine’s kernel.  VMware may sound an alarm that the kernel of your machine is totally new to VMware.  If these problems persist after reconfiguring VMware, then a patch called VMware any-any could be the only solution.

VMware any-any can be downloaded for free at the VMware website.  It can also be found on other VMware module vendors and is readily available as an ftp or browser downloadable file.  Tech websites, VMware forums, and tech blogs also provide any-any patch to its readers and members.  One can easily search for VMware any-any patch on search engines.  The most common destination for the download is forum sites.

After downloading the zip or packed any-any patch, unzip it and run the installation exe file.  This should automatically correct the problem of the VMware installation.  It should allow the kernel to be written upon thus completing the installation of virtual machines on the host system.

If the problem cannot be solved by the VMware any-any patch, then look for the documentation of the VMware software package.  See if the licensing information provides for support from the VMware website.  If there is no immediate solution at hand, it would be ideal to upgrade the entire VMware software and run the latest version of it on the host system.

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