Where to Get Practice ECDL Questions

ECDL questions or practice test questions are widely available on the Internet.  Some practice questions can be downloaded for free especially on websites that use study references as promotional items for their main services. 

ECDL questions are also available on books and manuals.  The latest version of ECDL syllabus is version 4.5 so it would be best to get study materials with questions that are based on this.  However, early versions of ECDL study materials can also be useful especially as a reference guide. 

Candidates who opt to take formal training for ECDL certification will be given free test questions and mock exams.  These materials are included in the training package to speed up the learning process.

It is important to note that each test module of the ECDL must be accomplished in forty five minutes.  So, when answering a test module, candidates must stick to the time limit provided for each.  In this way, the exam can be simulated more accurately so that during actual tests, examinees can be better prepared.

ECDL questions are also available as an online hosted service.  It means that the questions can be answered directly through the web browsers of users.  ECDL module 1 is commonly offered through this service.  That’s because module 1 is a multi-choice type of exam and it can be easily simulated on the Internet.  The other modules are practical applications of computer programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, and database management.  Hosted ECDL service can provide a question or two which the examinees can use.  For more practical sample questions, ECDL examinees should purchase a more comprehensive study material.  This will greatly help them during actual ECDL examination.

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