Where to Get the Latest Virtualization News

There are many virtualization news portals and websites that can provide the latest updates and trends in computer virtualization industry.  It is very important for everyone involved in the IT industry to get updated news and information about virtualization technology.  That’s because the trend now shows that more companies are adopting virtualization products to answer their need for a more efficient and highly productive IT environment.

The most important sources of virtualization news and information are the websites of software companies and product developers that specialize in virtualization technologies.  Big software companies that have major virtualization product lines also issue critical updates.  New software releases, discoveries of applications issues, and latest fixes and upgrades can be available from the websites of these companies.  Usually, software developers publish regular e-newsletters and press releases and these are available through subscription to their services.  It would be best therefore for every IT professionals to subscribe to these resources to be able to get updated information.

Other good sources of virtualization news may come technology blogs and online tech magazines.  In fact many analysts and independent software evaluators maintain blogs so that they can issue regular reviews and information about the latest trends in the IT industry.  Technology blogs also allow readers to publish comments or inputs to the articles.  In this way, many readers can get good insights from other software experts that regularly interact with bloggers. 
Online software forum sites are also good source of information.  Although forum posts are shorter and usually contain little information, forum members could provide valuable links to news sources about virtualization technologies.

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