Which CompTIA Course Corresponds to My Job Description?

When you mention the term "vendor neutral", it basically means that something is accepted by the industry in general. No matter what brand a particular company supports, the vendor neutral certification, for example, will still be recognized. This is one characteristic of a CompTIA certification. This is a widely-accepted, vendor neutral certification issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association which is a non-profit trade organization aiming to set standards and maintain excellence throughout the Information Technology industry.

To obtain this type of certification, you first need to take a CompTIA course. These courses are offered through the certified CompTIA partners which offer A+ and Network+ courses for IT professionals who wish to take the CompTIA certification exams. There are two options from where you can take various CompTIA courses. You can enroll at authorized training centers or educational establishments which offer such courses, or your can easily enroll online. The basic courses include classes for the A+ hardware and A+ operating system courses, as well as courses on servers, networks, Linux, i-Net and network security. To have an idea of what your job description would be once you finish any of these CompTIA courses, here are a few examples. If you pass the CompTIA Server+ exam, your certificate will qualify you to be a database developer and administrator. If you complete the CompTIA A+ or the CompTIA Project+ exams and courses, you can go into technical writing where you can design user manuals and complete documentation requirements. Taking a CompTIA course definitely opens a window of opportunities so it would really help your career to obtain a CompTIA certification which will add value to your profession in the IT industry.

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