Which is the Best Technical Support Help Desk Career City in the US?

Maybe you are wondering where is the best technical support help desk career city in the
United States. The answer to that is: there is no one place in the US where a career in the
technical support help desk department can be said to be the best – simply because the
information technology industry is growing by leaps and bounds everywhere you go. It is
possible to get a job in a technical support help desk department in many states throughout
the US.

Take New Mexico, for instance. There are different job titles for jobs in the technical
support help desk departments of many organizations there. Some jobs you may want to look
into in that occupational category are IT Specialist, home-based online business systems
staffer, Linux System Management Specialist, Systems Development Senior Specialist, and
Programmer Analyst, among others. Other states may have other job titles in the same
department for which you could be qualified.

To qualify for these technical support help desk careers, you may have to take a mandatory
drug test first before being considered for employment. Other requirements could be a
complete medical and dental check-up, a background check (particularly if you have worked
for other companies before – even those not related to the IT industry), proof of
citizenship (since there are some employers who will not employ aliens, even those who are
nearly finished with their application for US citizenship), security clearance (which is
usually necessary for work with government agencies), the right background for whichever
technical position you are applying for, and perhaps some years of experience in the IT
areas you claim to have expertise in. Job experience is a big plus for applicants because
many employers do not want to take a chance on newbies in the business; or if they do give
newbies a chance to work for them, will offer generally lower compensation for their
services (compared to people with more experience in that IT area, that is.)


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