Which is Which? Outsourcing or Offshoring

Some call it this, while some call it that. In other words, people are easy to mistake outsourcing for offshoring and vise versa. Admittedly, the terms outsourcing and offshoring are interchangeably used in many public conversations without even giving any attention to the very important technical differences between the two terms. The first term, outsourcing, involves getting in touch with a supplier   of course, this may, at some degree, be related to offshoring in some sense. This is because offshoring by definition is also the transfer of a function of organization from one country to another, unmindful of the work as to whether or not it is outsourced or if it stays too within the original corporation.

Because of the speedy rise of globalization of many outsourcing companies, there is that distinction which can be found between the two terms outsourcing and offshoring shall be blurred in no time. This is also evident in the ever-growing presence of many Indian outsourcing companies in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of globalization of such outsourcing operating models have eventually resulted in newly conjured terms like nearshoring or rightshoring, these too shall reflect the ever-changing reshuffle of locations. Such is also evidenced by the many opening offices as well as operations that are run by Indian companies in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Of course, these might still be well into the future, so for the time being it will indeed be a wise move to actually make sure that one truly knows the distinction between the two.

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