Which PMP Certification Course Should I Take?

In an ideal world, we would have all the leisure time at our disposal to be able to study any topic we
choose for as long as we wish. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world so most of us have responsibilities
that will limit the time we have for pursuing studies aside from work. But we know that we need to study
in order to advance in our current profession – and that holds true as well for the Project Management
Professional occupation.

Equally ideally, we would have the resources (like money for car fuel, or for transportation via mass
transit) to be able to attend classroom sessions for the PMP Certification Course we need. But this may
not always be feasible (like if we have to work from 8 to 5 in our present job to support ourselves and
our families) so for those who cannot go to the classroom location, the classroom can come to you via
online distance learning options instead.

Though the classroom sessions could provide more in-depth knowledge and skills to us, the online
options are good too because they can zero in on the particular topics we are most interested in or need
the most. So the advantage with a classroom session is you get more comprehensive training that leaves
you a well-rounded Project Management Professional. The advantage with online sessions is that they
weed out the surplus knowledge and help you focus on whatever knowledge and skills are most
necessary to us. So it would be difficult to say which one is best, because that would be implying a
one-size-fits-all approach is best. And in Project Management, that is never true.

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