For the future of the SOA field to be clearly foreseen, you need the SOA players themselves
to tell you what they think will happen in the near and far-off future. This is because
they are the ones who are dictating the trends that are being felt now, along with the
clients who are dictating the uses of the technology.

For instance, IBM is focusing a lot of its resources on Web-based SOA. This may explain why
it created the SOA Design Centers which are devoted to recording the best practices in SOA
so that IBM becomes more efficient at developing its products and services. IBM is also
providing business performance management services so that clients can track transactions
through their respective SOA. They can also use these IBM services to monitor the functions
of each business process.

Microsoft, a key rival of IBM, is also eyeing the SOA market with eagerness. And Microsoft
is relying on its model driven development philosophy to show how abstraction is key to SOA.
Microsoft also wants clients to rely on their existing enterprise service bus rather than
for Microsoft to introduce a different enterprise service bus.

Microsoft is also pushing an Internet Service Bus concept which should assist
interoperability issues through middleware applications. In addition, Microsoft is banking
on the use of service orientation to produce new applications through technology that is
already there and to create new hosted services dependent on cloud services which will
serve as the integration framework.

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