Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?


Yes – it’s another soap box blog… but I really need to get this off my chest…


For the pas 2 months, I have been trying to get our monitored alarm system doing exactly what it is suppose to do… be a monitored alarm system.   I have technicians out 3 times to try and achieve this.  The last time they came out, I thought they had achieved this….

But alas, NO  apparently there was a fault with the system and its inability to report back to base.  Instead of making this a high priority(at the very least a Major Incident) they politely left a msg to say that there is  fault, and someone will be in touch…soon….

Well -3 weeks later, I call to chase up what the “fault” may be, via the contractor, because you couldn’t possibly expect to talk to the security company personally…. must be part of their UC???? (suddenly different definitions of that acronym pop into my head..)  to find out that we have not had a monitored system the entire time….


My gripe is…. Are they meeting their part of the SLA?  And if not – how do we, the consumer, guard ourselves against this?  I have been paying for a service that I have not been receiving.


I have expressed my dissatisfaction to both the contractor and the security company re this… to have the contractor blame the “3rd party panel” as the fault, and therefore the Security Company can not be held liable… but they were the ones who installed the panel….. – again – where does SLA responsibility lie?



As you can see – my soap box is high! – and I doubt that I am going to win…get off my soap box…


Outcome – 1 monitored alarm system…. 2 months payments for services not received… 1 response from security company outstanding!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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