Who Needs SCJP Materials?

The SCJP acronym stands for Sun Certified Java Programmer. To get SCJP materials may mean to get training materials to prepare for certification as a Sun Certified Java Programmer (or SCJP.) Certification is actually only a preliminary requirement to be deemed knowledgeable about the Java programming language  you also need extensive experience as well. However, experience may be harder to come by because Java is relatively new among the programming languages.

The SCJP certification is important to lay the foundations for learning Java programming. Even SCJP accredited people may not know the nitty gritty about advanced Java programming. So learning Java is actually a process that will last so long as Java is still being used.

If the SCJP exam changes, you may need to take the new versions of the exam in order to keep your SCJP accreditation updated. You may want to brush up on Java language basics and new developments by buying Java Certification books. However, be sure you have the email addresses of the authors of such books because their technical information may have flaws that they are not aware of (which is not unusual in difficult technical subjects.) You may be doing many other readers a favor by notifying the authors if you spot such errors.

You have the choice of sticking to self-study of Java Certification books or of enrolling in real-time classroom sessions (where the content of Java Certification technical materials should be discussed.) Of course, the advantage of classroom sessions is that you have the instructor and your classmates to consult if anything puzzles you.

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