Why Add Site Search to Your Website?

A website owner who has a successfully running website might want to add one important feature. Some readers might want to know more information without going out of the website. This is what adding site search to the website can do.

Why add a site search?

Having a site search will provide more interactivity with the readers. It encourages them to stay more in the website. Second, when shoppers use the search tool in the website, it means that they already have something specific in their mind on what they are searching for.

A website owner has different options for a search engine. He can use a CGI across his website or he can have JavaScript in individual pages. Remotely hosted search CGIs are considered to be the easiest way to add site search to website.

All he has to do is sign up with a search service like Google Custom Search Engine. This will allow the users not only to search in the website but also to create collections to search within. The users will find this more interesting since a website owner can even give specific sites in the search results. Moreover, the website owner can also invite his community to contribute sites to the search engine.

However, there is a drawback in using Google search service. One drawback is that a website owner is limited to the features that the search company offers. Second, he can only list pages that are live on Internet. There is also no assurance that the newest pages shall be added to the search database as soon as possible.

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