Why Business Information Systems is Need in Your Company

There has been a lot of confusion and question with regards to the difference between Business Information Systems (BIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS).  Both are relatively the same because Business Information Systems also involves integrating the business and personnel with information technology.  Business Information Systems helps bring together the business functions and information data in order to create a clear and effective communication channel. This in turn will result into a more effective and accurate business decision.  The importance of having effective BIS is further stressed by the globalization of many organizations and the need for a better communication channel between the suppliers, distributors, customers and dealers.

It is a well known fact that with globalization and stiff competition among businesses, there is already a heavy dependence on computers and other IT products and services.  Business Information Systems include software programs, system analysis and some management of information to help in the decision process.  This is the reason why many consider Business Information Systems similar to Management Information Systems.  The major difference lies in the broadness of BIS because Business Information Systems can also include information about customers, the marketplace, and competitors.
These days, efficient business information systems are necessary in almost every organization. To keep up with the fast moving business trends, companies need to provide their business with effective strategies. For midsize and small organizations, effective business information systems are needed in order to accelerate growth and provide profitable decisions. This will meet the needs of organizations in providing solutions for their business problems.

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