Why CCIE Salaries Continue to Top the List

CCIE salaries could reach up to a six-digit figure not to mention the different perks and benefits that accompany CCIE certification.  In fact, in most salary surveys for the IT industry, CCIE professionals continue to dominate the top spot.  They are the highest paid and the most respected certified IT experts in the industry.  This however is not a surprising development. IT professionals invest thousands of dollars and sacrificed most of their personal time and enjoyment just to train for the CCIE certification.  The reputation of the CCIE exam is unmatched in the IT industry.  It is the toughest and most difficult certification exam.  That is why CCIE passers can command high salaries. 

A CCIE certification is an assurance that companies have an IT guru in their midst.  IT experts who have CCIE certifications are capable of building and maintaining complex networks.  They also have the ability to institute the most rigid security measures for every network systems.  CCIEs also have the ability to quickly diagnose internetworking problems and find solutions to it.  This troubleshooting capacity is an assurance for most companies that their IT network could be excellently maintained and managed. 

The expertise gained by CCIE professionals is due to the fact that they have undergone intensive trainings and hands-on experience.  There is no reported paper CCIE so far because the Cisco exams involve simulations of real life network configurations, maintenance and troubleshooting.  Theoretical knowledge alone will not guarantee success on CCIE exams.  One needs actual technical capabilities to hurdle the CCIE lab exam.  That is why CCIE salaries are the most lucrative in the IT market because they are genuine experts in the field of information technology.

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