Why Certifications in CISSP CISA PMP Business Continuity MCSE Security is Important

Today, business organizations are investing heavily on information technology.  With
millions of dollars at stake, many companies obviously require the services of
certified professionals to handle their investment.  With certified professionals,
business organizations are assured of the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain
their IT equipment and software.  Certifications like CISSP, CISA, PMP, Business
Continuity, MCSE Security are just some of the few of the many certifications being
taken by many individuals today.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional or CISSP is a certification given
to individuals who posses the skills and knowledge of various information security
topics.  The Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA is primarily concerned
with auditing professional certification.  PMP or the Project Management Professional
is a world renowned certification in project management.  The Microsoft Certified
Systems Engineer or MCSE is a part of Microsoft Certified Professional certifications
that qualifies individuals as capable of analyzing and implementing IT business
solutions.   All certifications point to another important aspect:  Business Continuity. 
Business Continuity is not a certification per se but is a part of disaster recovery
which allows an organization to continue functioning even in the event of a disaster.

But getting these certifications is not an easy task.  Whether the individual will choose
CISSP, CISA, PMP, Business Continuity, MCSE Security, the chances of passing the
exam are not that high.  The standards of passing these exams are very strict.  As a
matter of fact, government institutions like the US Department Of Defense already
make it a point to only allow IT certified individuals to handle their IT infrastructure–
such is the importance of having a certificate in CISP, CISA, PMP, Business
Continuity, MCSE Security.

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