Why Choose Call Center Careers?

The projected growth of the global call center technology market this year is $5.5 billion and will have a steady increase of 6% per year  meaning the call center industry stands to benefit too. This is welcome news to those who are seeking employment as well to those who are just deciding for a career. Another good side of this industry is that the requirements are simple that even high school graduates, those who have no work experience, and housewives could qualify. Fluency in English and love for interacting with people are the basic requirements. Not to mention that the remunerations are also attractive.  No wonder that call center careers are attracting many from all around the world.
The call center has become an inevitable part of any business in these modern days of technology. It exist in all sectors of business like banking, airline, hotel reservations, utilities, manufacturing, security, market research, pharmaceuticals, catalogue sales, emergency dispatch, credit collection, and food service. It may take the form of an order desk, customer service desk, technical queries (or help desk), and many more. The wide range of services provided by call centers makes this career a path that everyone would wish to tread. It is one career that is here to stay.
The option of a call center career may be getting positive feedback regarding its rewards; however, recent studies show some criticize it as well. These criticisms may include the restrictive work practices such as making the agent use or follow a pre-written script. They also say that stress factors in this career are high, logically because call center agents deal directly with customers and sometimes angry customers. And in some cases, the center itself has poor working conditions. Some agents mention that one cannot even stand to answer the call of nature. This may have been the reason why in some countries the call center agents have now united and unionized.

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