Why Choose WiMAX Network?

The concept behind WiMAX is to provide telecommunications technology to various users through wireless transfer of data. It was created to be able to give a standards-based technology. This idea encompasses WiMAX network also. Since the world is moving into the use of IP, service providers are welcoming the change. Many users can experience several benefits through the use of WiMAX network.

Why choose WiMAX network?

1. WiMAX network is now a simple extension of the IP network to the mobile user. Service providers can easily provide service to various WiMAX base sites for various coverage and capacity profiles. It can be outside environments, inside buildings, fixed connections or mobile connections.
2. WiMAX network is easier to install than the old cellular-based network designs. Due to this, the cost incurred for capital expenses are reduced significantly. Moreover, leveraging standard IP network equipment shall enable operators to deploy at greater speed at a decreased cost.
3. WiMAX network also provides better advantage in terms of scalability of operator’s access networks. This is because the control plane from the bearer path control is separated.
4. WiMAX network also allows a single control platform wherein network functions across various deployment sites can be administered. This quality of WiMAX network can be a great benefit especially for those businesses that have light to middle subscriber penetration.

WiMAX network is the future. A user can certainly reap various benefits if he chooses a service provider that offers this technology. He can save money and at the same time experience deployment ease and optimised mobility among others.

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