Why Companies Worldwide Outsource To India

Over the years of providing various outsource services globally, India has gained superiority when it comes to outsourcing specific core functions or services. Such event led for India to be recognized as the global outsourcing solution particularly in the fields of software development and technology, as well as software-enabled services.

Other services or functions, which can be outsourced to India, may be categorized under IT and software services and IT-enabled services. Examples of IT and software services include product development, software testing, data entry, and programming to name a few.

IT-enabled services, on the other hand, include business process outsourcing or BPO (e.g., customer relationship management), back-office operations (e.g., accounting, payroll), web development services (e.g., portals, e-commerce), infrastructures (e.g., communication and messaging, e-business operations), communications and networking (e.g., telecommunications, computer telephony), media and entertainment (e.g., animation, film-making), call centers (e.g., helpdesk, bookkeeping services), operations (e.g., web applications, e-marketplaces), relationship management (e.g. customer care service), community management (e.g., opening e-business channels), medical transcription (e.g., clinical notes), and on-site services (e.g., on-site assistance, software installation).

Outsourcing to India provides companies worldwide with a cost-effective solution. Getting the contracted services done at affordable costs without the need to hire regular staff and need for the companies to pay for salaries and benefits. Premium quality of services is produced and received since the companies are guaranteed with skilled expertise and credibility of outsourced providers in India. Apparently, the outsourcing helps in reducing some operating costs since these service providers are paid once services or deliverables are completed, which is usually inclusive in the agreed upon sub-contract agreement.

Last and most importantly, the companies are able to optimize their time and use company resources to concentrate more in improving their core competencies and developing profit-generating projects.

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