Why Creating A Dummy SOA Is Important

Service oriented architecture or SOA promises businesses with multiple systems and
applications on different platforms a single, unified workflow in its application of
services.  The main challenge lies in the process of the workflow where the
identification of the most critical path is never easily pointed out.  One way of solving
this is by creating a dummy SOA of the process and then identifying where the
bottleneck lies.

Shopping online has been the latest trend these days.  Many businesses today are
going online and are doing many of their transactions on the web.  This trend will
only continue to grow because of the convenience it presents to the customer and the
company.  For a company that is just starting to adopt the SOA, creating a dummy
SOA service will help speed up the integration process because most of the time,
service developers create the brunt of the bottleneck.  In an e-commerce transaction, a
person places an order on an e-commerce website.  This information has to be passed
(like credit card numbers, item number, etc.) via a secure website.  Once authorized, it
will then be passed on to an outside service vendor and then coordinated with the
shipping or courier service. 

Without first creating a dummy SOA service for the business to start out, potential
problems in the transaction process are a definite possibility.  It has to be understood
that dummy SOA service tests are needed because of three very important factors: (1)
reliability in terms of the services rendered to the customer, (2) integrity of the
messages and transactions delivered by and to the customer and (3) security of the
message and information given by and to the customer.  These are the primary
concerns of the client as well as the company. 

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