Why Do Organizations Need Personnel Management Training?

Personnel Management is a field of discipline where the Personnel Managers try to optimize the use of manpower skills within the employee pool. Thus, Personnel Management is applicable to all employees in the organization  whether they be the lowly clerks in the filing room or the research scientists trying to develop new products in well-secured laboratories.

Personnel Management starts with the recruitment process, progresses to the hiring process, and then moves on to the training of such employees so that their potential can be realized during their term of employment with the organization. The purpose behind Personnel Management is to allow the employer and the employee to realize that they may have goals in common which may benefit both of them if employee potential is realized.

The leader of any Personnel Management department or group would be the Personnel Manager. The Personnel Manager has to describe which jobs are which and why they are assigned to whoever will fill in that position. He also has to assign just levels of wages and other forms of compensation to those positions. Often this is where problems arise because employees may feel they are not justly compensated for their efforts for the organization  which is why the Personnel Manager is also responsible for company relations with organized labor (the labor unions.)

Another less emphasized part of the job of a Personnel Manager is to consider what safety practices and protocols should be set in place as well.

As you can see, Personnel Management training is quite important for peace to reign within an organization between employees and the employer.

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