Why Do We Need Total Quality Management Training In Organizations?

Practitioners of Total Quality Management aim their efforts at getting the best from the current form of management being used, by utilizing quality and management tools. The objective is to optimize the potential of the business by reducing wasteful practices. It is a method by which management and employees join together for the common goal of improving services, production and goods of the company. Practicing TQM means quality is eventually expected to become a priority in all the areas of operation of the company.

This approach to management originated in the 1950s and now (due to the positive effect it has had on the business world), it has steadily become popular. One proof of the continuous acceptance of TQM is that Total Quality Management Training schools have been set up and are now training professionals in TQM steadily. TQM training schools center their efforts on the eight key elements of TQM, which can be divided into four main groups. The four main groups are I. Foundation (under which fall the elements of Ethics, Integrity, and Trust); II. Building Bricks (which is concerned with the Training, Teamwork, and Leadership elements); III. Binding Mortar (that talks about the Communication element); and lastly, IV. Roof (which revolves around the Recognition element.)

Ethics, integrity and trust make up the basic foundation of TQM. These three things move together so that one cannot be effective without the other. The three project the character of the organization (as represented by the managers.) The Bricks are made up of training, teamwork and leadership which are then laid one on top of the other, over the foundation. Proper training and teamwork plus effective leadership are three inseparable trios necessary to be present for a company to achieve true Total Quality Management. The third factor is named Binding Mortar, and this refers to communication between the management and the employees in both upward ways and downward ways. This binds the Foundation and the Bricks together if clear understanding has been achieved. Recognition is the Roof and is the ultimate factor that will feed the self esteem of the employees (or the team.) It is essential especially for employees who strive to receive recognition.

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