Why is Enterprise Architecture Important?

Enterprise architecture depicts the current or the plans for the future structure of an organization. The behaviour of the organization, the information systems, the organizational and personnel sub-units is also describe, it is associated with the strategic direction of the organization or the institution. The practitioners in this aspect of architecture are called enterprise architects.

Enterprise architecture is frequently associated with information technology (IT).  It focuses on business optimization because it eyes performance management, business architecture, organizational structure and process architecture also.

Architecture framework is develop in the practice of Enterprise Architecture to describe a series of  intermediate,   current,  and  target  reference architectures and to apply them to make sure that there is  a change in the enterprise.

The main goal why an enterprise architecture is established is to make sure that the IT and the business strategy are aligned.

 A robust enterprise architecture answer fundamental inquiries like:

Is the current architecture structure really supports and is beneficial to the organization?

How could the institution enhance the architecture so that it becomes more valuable to them?

Based on the organization s knowledge about their future plans, they are evaluating if it will it be supported or hindered by their current architecture?

Intel, BP and Volkswagen AG are some of the companies that practice enterprise architecture so that their business, productivity and performance will improve.

To be successful, appropriate positioning in the organization is required by Enterprise Architecture. The combination of a small enterprise and a federated team could be the most triumphant implementation, with an eye on democracy rather than an autocratic team involvement.

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