Why Is Intellectual Property Management Training Crucial Nowadays?

First of all, most if not all business owners are aware that Intellectual Property is very important to them because loss of Intellectual Property may lead to massive financial losses down the line. So Intellectual Property Management training is quite crucial to their business survival.

Intellectual Property, in legal terms, refers to anything that has been created due to human mental creativity. Intellectual Property is literally a product of the human mind, so it is rather hard to pin down unless there is some concrete manifestation of this creative output of the human mind (such as media products like DVDs, CDs, and VCDs.) Even the name of the company is considered part of its Intellectual Property, and is probably one of the first forms of property to be defended by the company representatives, employees and owners.

Beyond the concrete tangible things you can grasp and say are literally property, the term Intellectual Property extends to the intellectual talents of the organizational members (from owner downwards.) The things such intellectual talents can create are deemed Intellectual Property as well.

How then does Intellectual Property Management training work? Basically, it starts at the management level of the organization with managers getting the employees to agree to define what Intellectual Property is, who is the legal owner or owners of such Intellectual Property, and how all organizational members ought to protect that Intellectual Property. If managers and owners can get employees on their side, that is a big boost to protection of the company Intellectual Property.

But what if employees do not recognize the company as legal owners of Intellectual Property? That is when piracy of trade secrets happens. It could be as simple as a trusted insider in the company copying valuable documents onto a floppy disk then selling it to interested parties for his own personal profit. Or it could be as expansive as a massive infiltration of the most sensitive parts of the company IT system so that a lot of important data is siphoned off by hackers. In this day and age, Intellectual Property Management training can really spell the difference between life and death for a business.


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