Why Is The CompTIA Project+ Certificate Important?

Among the certifications issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the CompTIA Project+ certificate. The CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that issues certificates to those who pass the CompTIA certification exam administered through Pearson VEU and Prometric testing centers. The certification exams given are; A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, HTI+, e-Biz+, CTT+, CDIA+, Linux+, i-Net+, RFID+, Convergence +, PDI+ and Project+.

The CompTIA Project+ certificate is awarded to those who pass the exam (which validates their knowledge managing projects.) Project management is a discipline involving organization and management of resources with the objective to complete the project within the defined scope, time, quality and cost constraints. Projects are temporary endeavors that have a target period of completion and are therefore limited in time. It is executed or undertaken to bring form to ideas or needs. A successful project manager envisions the entire project from the start to finish.

There are 3 basic constraints in the field of project management, namely, scope, time and cost. These comprise the Project Management Triangle, since each side cannot be changed without affecting the other two sides. The CompTIA Project Certificate covers the whole concept and practices of project management. It is a basic business skill. The certificate is a validation of fundamental project management basic skills. A CompTIA Project Certificate holder must demonstrate skills in managing the entire project life cycle, from initiation and planning, through execution, acceptance, support and closure.

The project certification can be acquired in a fast and cost-effective way and there are no prerequisites for the candidates. The CompTIA project certificate improves the skills of project managers in completing projects on time and with in the budget. These skills are important to every corporation or businesses.

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