Why IT Governance? A Comprehensive Evaluation of its Benefits

It is true that there is no specific set of rules that organizations can follow when it comes to Information Technology governance. Each company has a different set of business goals, and they have individual strategies which are being followed to meet and realize their goals as a business. What is clear, however, is that IT governance benefits all types of organizations – whether it is operating on a small, medium or large scale. Take a look at some of the benefits and the reasons why more and more organizations are taking the path of IT governance.

First, IT governance is a way to make a company’s IT strategy and business strategy meet halfway. This is the reason why IT governance is basically a combination of IT-related and management related tasks, one cannot survive without the other if the goal is to maximize the business’ IT resources, manpower and potential. Second, IT governance is a way of streamlining the financial and managerial duties of an IT executive. Whenever there is an IT infrastructure project that needs to be finished, the IT manager is forced to work within a time limit and a budget. By clearly defining the duties and responsibilities of each IT personnel in order to finish the project, there will be better control over the quality of the end results while still meeting the cost and time limitations. Finally, IT governance is a risk management method. With all the complexities of even the smallest of IT infrastructures these days, it is quite easy to lose data or make a simple mistake and have everything go downhill from there. By applying IT governance principles, the risk will be reduced or even eliminated to ensure the success of a project.

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