Why Management is IT Function

IT management is inevitably part and parcel of the world of IT technology because without
the knowledge of IT management a lot of the potential of the technology would go to waste. 
Management in the IT world is best divided into areas of specialization such as Service
Management, Programme Management, and Risk Management. Together they are called the Best
Management practices. Each one acts as to support to the functions of technologies to
achieve best results.
IT Service Management (ITSM) employs useful tools that support the needs of the customers.
Its function is to see through the eyes of the customer and therefore satisfy them in all
IT aspects. The widely used ITSM is ITIL® which provides a systematic approach to the
management of IT service provision. This in turn leads to cost reduction, customer
satisfaction, maintenance of quality and standard and improved productivity. Programme
Management, on the other hand, provides a good network for use with large and complex
deliveries so they arrive on time and within budget. It helps the company to plan projects
that will support the programme, manage risks and ensure the programme will respond to
change while maintaining quality. Risk Management is another part of IT best management
practices. It is an essential part of management that should be attended to, to ensure that
the company faces the least possible risks while taking necessary steps to control or avoid
it. Effective risk management supports sound decision-making in dealing and understanding
risk factors. This should lead managers to develop excellent strategies, consume less time
when dealing with problems, and pursue more efficient use of resources, better value for
money and the best contingency programs for the organization.
This management in IT is all essential to the proper implementation of ideas in Information
Technology. Right and effective management can eventually create success for all business
activities being pursued.

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