Why Should I Opt for Online Project Management Training?

Project management is a career that will never go obsolete. The employment prospects for a project manager remain excellent. In line with this, online project management training is made available for managers who would like to move forward with their project management career. Online project management training schools will only admit you if you have at least five years of work experience in a position of responsibility. That said position of responsibility should deal with what is defined by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBK). The experience should fall around the five basic process groups and the nine knowledge areas.

These process groups are standard for almost all projects, being namely: the Initiating process group, the Planning process group, the Executing process group, the Controlling and Monitoring process group, and lastly, the Closing process group. The aim of the online project management training courses is to enhance both the technical and the managerial abilities of the student.

In line with the objective to formalize the experience and enhance the technical and managerial abilities of an experienced manager, the following courses are conducted during the training: Risk Management, Communications, Time and Cost Management, and Project Procurement skills. However, a noted school in Boston made a unique approach in online training. They have designed courses that dynamically adapt to the learning style of an individual. It is a self paced form of learning, which means the approach in online learning is personalized.

The time for the online program varies from school to school, depending on the curriculum or approach they use. However, no matter how long the training program is scheduled, the student (being a future project manager aiming for excellence) is expected to finish the course according to the allotted time. This online training may lead to certification as either a Project Management Professional of Certified Associate in Project Management.

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