Why Should I Pursue PMI PMP Certification?

PMI stands for Project Management Institute while PMP certification is the accreditation in Project
Management Professional administered by the PMI. The advantage with being accredited by PMI in
PMP certification is that the PMI system adheres to ISO 9001 certification in Quality Management
Systems. PMI is also globally recognized so if you get your PMI PMP certification you know your
employer (wherever he might be or wherever you might be destined) will accept your certification results.

The PMP certification itself has already been granted ISO 17024 accreditation as well. This is good
because existing accredited PMPs (or Project Management Professionals) will be deemed accredited as
well. Another benefit is that the new ISO 17024 accreditation will allow employees to be deemed
competent based on this quality standards. Any future candidates for PMP certification will also gain
global acceptance among their PMP peers and the industry itself.

To allow the PMP certification to stay upgraded, you have to participate in the CCR (or Continuing
Certification Requirements) program. If you do not keep your PMP certification upgraded, you
essentially forfeit your PMP certification.

One reason you ought to sustain the status of your PMP certification is that it is one way for you to stay
competitive in the current job market. If you sustain PMP certification, it means you are staying proficient
in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (or PMBOK) which is the basis for accreditation in
Project Management in the first place. And this assures PMI that its own system is being followed by all
who claim to have PMP status.

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