Why Should I Pursue Project Management PMP PMI Accreditation?

Project Management PMP PMI accreditation is the second tier in a three-rung ladder of Project
Management accreditation. The first rung is the CAPM (or Certified Associate in Project Management);
while the last rung is the PgMP (or Program Management Professional.)

If you are pursuing the CAPM (or Certified Associate in Project Management) accreditation or the PMP
(or Project Management Professional) accreditation, it is advisable for you to read the ANSI standard
publication entitled A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is now in its third

If, on the other hand, you are aiming for the PgMP (or Program Management Professional) then you are
meant to read the standard publication dubbed A Standard for Program Management, which is
considered more advanced than the first publication mentioned.

Project Management PMP PMI accreditation is globally recognized so that someone who has trained for
this form of accreditation stands a better chance of becoming employed anywhere in the world for Project
Management work. Though the steps in Project Management have been clearly defined by the Program
Management Institute, unfortunately, there are still quite a few project managers who have not been
formally trained in these Project Management concepts or who have even been exposed to them.
Sometimes project managers may be trained in PMI standards but then eventually revert back to their old
bad habits in management. This only proves that for Project Management PMP PMI accreditation to be
fruitful, it has to be practiced continuously and religiously – otherwise the old management systems are
adhered to and the same poor results keep cropping up.

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