Why there is a Need to Clean up Metadata?

Metadata is useful information used in almost anything, especially for commercial products. However, it may not be as useful as it seemed to be in digital products. Some people see metadata as important content of a document while some may consider it as a threat to their privacy. That is why many people are making ways on how to clean up metadata within the documents and other files they made.

Metadata can provide information to a third party about how a certain file came to its final version. Therefore, the first sentences, the wrong sentences, the text which should not be in the document, and other traces of making the file will be seen by a third party. Metadata may also track the pasted sentences or paragraphs in a document, even the changed figures and estimates in a spreadsheet application can be traced. The name of the file creator, his initials, computer used, the company and organization where that person works for, and the comments made to the document can be traced using the metadata. Even the revisions and versions of the document can also be seen because of metadata. Due to this, third parties who are capable of retrieving the metadata of certain files may know all or some of the sensitive information about the file creator easily.

To clean up metadata is very important when sending digital copies of documents due to the many information that the metadata can provide the third party. There are some easy ways to clean up metadata. This can be done through editing and erasing some information in the document. There are many websites teaching how this can be done. Even making complicated deletions of files may be done as long as the person knows how to.

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