Why Train for an SCJP Job?

At some point during the long lonely hours you spend training and preparing for the SCJP accreditation exams (regardless of version), you may have asked yourself: is all this effort worth it? What kind of SCJP Job will I get afterwards?

The whole point of all this training, preparation and accreditation is to make sure you have the minimal requirements needed to call yourself an IT personnel who has Sun Certified Java Programmer status. And the whole point of holding down an SCJP job is to earn appropriate compensation.

If you want to practice in the UK, for instance, you stand to earn at least 31,750 British pounds in annual average salary (as of rates polled in 2007.) The average maximum salary you have the potential of earning would be 42,500 British pounds per year (as of 2007 also.)

A contractor who holds an SCJP accreditation earns by the hour (so his pay is not measured in terms of annual salary like those numbers above.) Rather, in 2007, an SCJP accredited contractor in the UK stands to earn at least 24.34 British pounds as his minimal hourly rate. The maximum hourly rate that SCJP accredited contractor could earn in the UK would be 27.91 British pounds.

Of course, other factors do come into play when SCJP job compensation comes into question. You need to consider other educational attainment, the position or job title you are aiming for, the location of your job (meaning, where is your employer based and where you will be assigned), and your skill and knowledge sets. As in all fields of endeavor, the best and the brightest often get the best pickings around.

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