Why Use Enterprise Architect 6.1?

Enterprise architecture is gaining popularity due to the various benefits that it can give to a certain organization. The idea behind enterprise architecture is to be able to align the strategies and goals of a business with its information and technology investments. The process involves understanding the four components of an organization, which are business, application, information and technology. Since enterprise architecture is now being adapted by many organizations, comprehensive tools were created which captures complicated knowledge about organizations and technology.

About Enterprise Architect 6.1
Architect 6.1 is one of the modelling tools available for sale online for businesses and other organizations. The leading developer of UML® modelling tools has released Enterprise Architect 6.1 which focuses on increased user productivity for the neophytes and professionals alike. Architect 6.1 is aimed to simplify model construction, which shall then be user-friendly for beginners and faster to use for the professionals.
Many users were very happy with this version especially the new feature called Offline Version Control. This feature allows a user to check out packages and then he can disconnect from the server and still maintain and continue working. In such cases, a user can then have a local copy of Architecture 6.1 in his laptop and can work away from his office. Once the user has returned to the Office, he can easily reconnect and put the changes in. This feature has been very helpful according to the various reactions from users.

So check Enterprise Architect 6.1 and know the difference.

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